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Daughter of the Earth

About MonÁxi

Monaxi_Dezembro2021-188_Credits Barbara Araujo

MonÁxi’s name means “Daughter of the Earth” in the Kimbundo dialect from Angola, where her family comes from. Born and raised in Lisbon, Portugal, her music is like a tree, roots deeply grounded in her Angolan Motherland, with branches that stretch up from the Iberian Peninsula, North American and Brazil, intertwining and growing a most delicious musical fruit, full of unexpected flavors and bursting with rhythmic wisdom.

For 20 years she has been inspiring audiences with her unique combination of soulful vocals and rhythms from the Djembé drum, composing and producing her own songs. In the last 8 years, since her initiation on the Medicine Path, her music has reached new heights, and has become her greatest tool for healing.

She is a versatile multi-instrumentalist and, using her loop station, delights in creating the sacred sound container for personal transformation and growth, evolving soundscapes for Healing Medicine Ceremonies, Sound Journeys as well as Lively Concerts where the listener can come to sweat their prayers.

MonÁxi also offers private concerts for special events as well as one-on-one lessons in Vocal Activation, Intuitive Djembé Drumming and Loop Station work for the casual singer as well as upcoming musicians who are looking to deepen their capacity for making inspiring music.

Monaxi_Dezembro2021-188_Credits Barbara Araujo

Watch & Listen

See MonÁxi Live at Todo El Mundo Dice Aho!

November 18th, 5pm at Banyan Bowl Theater, Miami, Florida


Raw and earthy Monaxi sings with an authenticity that touches the feminine soul

Just wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU for being you. I apologise for not saying that to you at the end of your class/session. But I’m glad I got to see you before it began. You truly are a one of earth's blessings

Lilly J.

Thank you for holding and creating the space last night for such a beautiful experience. Often I find sound journeys and healings very intense and “rough” but what I experienced with your offering was the most blissful joy and love. It was amazing to journey in a space of light, home and heart. I hope to see you again! Best wishes for the end of this season in Bali and for your family 💛✨🌱

Monaxi's voice immediately calibrates me. As if I stepped into a tuning chamber. It's grounding and stimulating, as settling as the opening ding to a meditation. There's so much power behind her tone, yet still yielding like Mother Earth. So uplifting and charging, centering and celebrative!

Sussane M.

MonÁxi: Many heartfelt thanks for this incredible and unforgettable experience of being a part of your course "Rhythm and Song Drum and Voice Activation". I had the privilege of joining your first course after your return to Yoga Barn, and later, with some distance, I had the opportunity to participate once again with additional technical equipment, which theoretically you don't even need. Your energy, presence, and especially your voice are incredible and a true gift to the world. I deeply thank you for allowing me to experience this. Normally, I'm not the type of person who sings, dances, or moves rhythmically, let alone sings with fervor. But you managed to bring out both in me. You create a space where everyone can let go, shed insecurities or self-judgments, and simply be in the here and now. I can only recommend this course to everyone, as well as any course you offer. Today, unexpectedly, you were the teacher in Sonic Sound Relaxation, and that too was incredible. I've never heard or felt anything like what you did there in my entire life. I can't quite pinpoint exactly what you did with your voice, instruments, and technical devices, but whatever it was, it was extraordinary and otherworldly. I thank you from the depths of my heart.

Jane C.

MonÁxi not only helped grow my confidence to sing but also helped process suppressed emotions that I was uncomfortable in letting out. It was a very different approach to other vocal coaches. The process felt so safe and guided that I transformed in such a short time. I learnt how to control my vocals through different techniques and breathing practices. She pushed me in all the right ways. I went from crying at my first open mic then going to my first performance within 8 lessons. Thank you, MonÁxi for helping me fall in love with my voice 🙂

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